From July 2018: Otto-particulate filters for all BMW gasoline engines in Europe

In connection with the new emission standard Euro 6d-TEMP BMW will equip all gasoline from its production in July 2018 with a gasoline particulate filter (OPF). Only exception: The Spartanburg-built models, X3 and X4 will be changed to production beginning in August 2018. Of the gasoline particulate filter is all to the good, BMW B38, B48, B58, and N74 variants, the motors can also offer under the terms of the new WLTP cycle as well as in RDE-measurements (Real Driving Emissions) all legal limits.

Technically, the gasoline particulate filter works exactly like the for many years, conventional Diesel particulate filters: The filters are integrated in the exhaust system and collect the smallest of particles that arise during combustion. The OPF prevents that too much fine dust passes with the exhaust gases in the environment and to the health risk for people. Just like the Diesel Equivalent of a gasoline particulate filter in the case of overriding can lead to short-range use and must be of a longer journey “for free,” burned to be able to effectively work.

Of the changeover to the gasoline particle filter, all Plug benefit-in Hybrids, in which both a gasoline engine additionally an electric motor is installed. Already for some time meet selected diesel models, a standard of Euro 6d-TEMP, including the face lift variants of the 2 series Active Tourer and Gran Tourer and the BMW i8 Roadster and coupe.

Already by the spring of 2018, the BMW Group has reviewed all of the Diesel engines to meet the high requirements of the WLTP and RDE fully meet. In addition to the usual exhaust-gas cleaning elements, Diesel particulate filter and NOx storage catalytic Converter, since then it has been all self-igniter also with AdBlue injection and an SCR catalytic Converter equipped. Both items came in a variety of engines, especially smaller engines of lower emissions could comply with the previously valid limit values but without the expensive technology.

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