Le Mans 2018: world premiere for the new BMW 8er coupe G15

The world premiere of the new BMW 8 G15 finally has an official date: The luxury coupe will be presented in the context of the 24h Le Mans 2018 and shines for the first time in the spotlight. At his side is a race car that is technologically geared closely to the BMW 8er and enhances the event of a double Premiere: While the series 8 is in the Form of the new BMW M8 GTE for the street is the Comeback of a legend among the luxury Coupés marked, celebrating BMW Motorsport with the M8 GTE the Comeback in one of the most important endurance race in the world.

In a Teaser image of the BMW announces, the double Comeback slightly blurred to see While in the foreground the already for some time currently in use M8 GTE is razor sharp, we can recognize in the Background, which, unfortunately, still blur embossed outlines of the new BMW 8er coupe. Now, Details such as the headlights with redesigned daytime running lights, the front apron with a formed sliver and the fluent-elegant roof line clearly visible, at the latest, to the Premiere in Le Mans, there are then more photos from the series vehicle.

With a view to recent publications and the location of the world premiere, it is expected that BMW shows the new 8-seater in the M Performance variant M850i xDrive. Although it will be to market start also weaker and less aggressive occurring variants, focused BMW is the interest on the 530-HP sport version, and thus underlines the special role that is intended for the 8: He is the athlete among the Luxuscoupés, without, of course, a no-compromise sports car – is sought instead, a sovereign combination of luxury and dynamics.

A little more in the direction of the dynamics of the properties in the case of the BMW M8, the already short time later with more upgraded technology components of the BMW M5 F90 move to the Start.

Klaus Fröhlich (member of the Board of management of BMW AG, development): “For the world premiere of the new BMW 8er coupe there is no better environment than the 24 hours of Le Mans. The race is a Demonstration of passion, dynamics, and long-distance suitability. The characteristics of our new sports car in a special way.”

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