Lightweight BMW M2 convertible With 428 HP and the roof, freed

Starting in November, BMW M Performance Carbon roof for all BMW M2 and M2 Competition , but the solution with the lowest center of gravity of the Lightweight – after all, what could be easier than no roof? The otherwise rather with tracks-conversions involved in lightweight construction professionals have provided in the customer order a BMW M2 convertible on the wheels, and the technology of the 2er Cabrio F23 upgraded with many M2 components.

Under the hood is a modified variant of the M2, well known N55 engine works, this is exactly the same as in the M2 with a seven-speed DCT combined. Also, the axles front and rear, as well as the locking differential at the rear axle were carried over from the Coupé and in the BMW M2 convertible built. Thus, it is possible, of course, was adapted to the body comprising, with the wider fenders and the aggressive apron of the M2 fall into the eye. Additional aerodynamic elements, and the GTS hood is made of Carbon on the values of the appearance in addition.

For further improvements compared to the series a increase in performance by optimizing the engine characteristics. 428 HP and up to 600 Newton-metres of torque, allowing the Lightweight BMW M2 convertible up to 300 km/h maximum speed. A specially-tuned Bilstein Clubsport chassis and a plurality of hardware and Software solutions from the M4 GTS round out the Tuning tag, and make the open LW M2 is probably Performa test 2er Cabrio F23.

Marc Müller (Lightweight-in-chief): “it was important that we rebuild this vehicle only visually on a M2 Basis, but also really the complete technology from the M2 in the vehicle is installed. Optic tags of a F23 on M2 there is not already, this was the challenge for us – but the DCT gearbox incl. Differential and M2 axes to install – the was duty. With the selected set of wheels we wanted to achieve the Maximum appearance and Performance. No one has Packed to date 305/25/21 under a M2.”

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