Quarterly report Q1 2018: BMW Group sets new records on

With the presentation of the quarterly report for the 1. Quarter of 2018, is able to announce the BMW Group also set new records for sales, net Income, and earnings before financial result (EBIT) in the Segment of Automobiles. This shows how essential currency effects and other non-by the BMW Group to be the controlling factors for the outcome of a global company. Although sales increased in Q1 2018 3.0% to a new record value of 604.629 units and, consequently, more than 17,000 additional vehicles were sold, sales dropped to a relatively significant 5.1 percent to 22,694 billion euros. Responsible for the various currency effects, according to BMW Group, without them the decrease would only amount to 0.7 per cent.

Also the change of the companies of pure car manufacturers to providers of mobility services and mobility services plays an increasingly important role. The BMW Group reaffirms its goal of having by 2025 a minimum of 100 million active customers. In the past quarter, a positive revaluation of the shares acquired in DriveNow has played an important role: The valuation effect amounted to 209 million euros, surpassing the positive valuation effect around the map service HERE, which had increased the financial result in the prior-year quarter to 183 million euros.

The EBIT margin of the Automotive segment increased in Q1 2018 at 9.7 percent and is therefore at the upper edge of the target corridor of 8 to 10 percent. This is particularly remarkable, because the inputs for research and development were 1,881 billion euros, another 0.2 percent on the record figure from the previous year.

As usual, the quarterly report also enables a view of the global sales to the series. Strong growth in the refreshed 1-series, now worldwide, in all material variants available 5-series and the duration of burner X1, compared to the prior-year quarter. In the case of the MINI alone, the Countryman was able to grow, increase of 83.8 percent, however, are so large that it more than offset the declines in the other series. At Rolls-Royce, the new Phantom for the considerable increase in the sales figures by 10.1 percent.

For the total year 2018, the BMW Group confirmed with the presentation of the Figures for the first quarter of their goals, surpassing the successful year-on-year in the key performance indicators of sales, turnover and consolidated earnings before taxes and to other records.

Harald Kr├╝ger (Chairman of the Board of management of BMW AG): “Our industry is dominate by running a unprecedented technological change, and need to challenging conditions. In the first quarter underscores that We think in terms of opportunities and are pursuing a clear strategy. We combine the mobility of tomorrow with a sustainable level of profitability, this is evidenced by our high pre-tax margin in the group in volatile times.
The BMW Group in 2017, the most profitable automotive manufacturer in the world, and increased again the number of strokes. We have reached the start of the year, best values, sales and Income, as well as important strategic decisions are implemented.
We want to achieve in 2018 for deliveries and sales in the Automotive Segment, slight growth on the new best brands. In addition, we strive to the consolidated result before taxes of at least the level of the previous year.“

Nicolas Peter (member of the Board of management of BMW AG, Finance): “The first quarter shows how we can achieve under volatile conditions for the maximum performance. We continue to focus on our tasks, in order to make 2018 a further record year. We consistently follow our path to the sustainable success of the company. The Foundation for tomorrow’s success is our strong financial strength, we want to make this year unchanged, with a Free cash flow of more than three billion Euro.“

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