RETTmobil: Cooler MINI John Cooper Works in the police Design

Who says that the police need to look like cars always the same? At the RETTmobil 2018, the MINI John Cooper Works F56 is in a cool police Design of the mass and shows how to create a car for the modern public Relations can look like. The small car with 231 HP was designed with the aim of can by the police for actions aimed at encouraging the young generation to be used, and to make the important Job of the police is also interesting for young people.

The show car based on the MINI John Cooper Works F56 relies on a modern Look with successful colors and cool lettering, like him the police would probably use to be an ordinary use of the vehicle. With the Hashtag #as the first zurstelle discusses the important role of the police as a helper in emergencies of all kinds. With the 231-HP small car, the officers were well equipped in any case to be in the city very quickly.

A light-signal system with LED strobes on the roof and in the air inlet of the bonnet may not exactly like a note on the emergency number 110 lack of, is self-evident. Neon Yellow accents round out the interesting appearance and might also inspire individuals to transform their MINI, because from the Look of the base vehicle with silver paint and a black roof you can remove to comparable type and lettering as possible.

Spectacularly designed vehicles such as the MINI John Cooper Works F56 used by many police departments all over the world for years to the young generation. The eye-catcher, which are often high-performance sports cars, to appeal to young people and as a conversation-opener. In this role, the eye-catching Gullwing BMW i8 has already found its way in several police departments.

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