24h Le Mans 2018: BMW M8 GTE start of 12 and 13

While the voltage to some observers, the 24h Le Mans in 2018 on the world premiere of the new BMW 8er coupe G15 tonight focused, others focus on the Motorsport. For the two BMW M8 GTE a difficult race from the stands, as the lap times of the latest racing car BMW Motorsport will not move to the desired level. Although the person responsible for the Balance of Performance balanced should be around seek times for all vehicles are between the fastest and slowest vehicle in the GTE Pro class, a full six seconds.

One of the victims of the difficult classification of the BMW M8 GTE, can’t keep up with lap times of 3:50,5 minutes with the top vehicles in its class. In Qualifying for the 24 hours of Le Mans, 2018 BMW M8 GTE has secured the starting positions 12 and 13 and will try to conquer with the start of the race on Saturday 15 at better positions. After all, it is clear that the Qualifying Performance is only one piece of the puzzle for a 24 hour race – but if the lap times are not fast enough, as well as reliability and endurance.

António Félix da Costa (#82 BMW M8 GTE): “It was a lot of fun to go with new tires and in the dark on this great track, on time hunting. In General, I felt the BMW M8 GTE very well. When you look at the times you will see that we, unfortunately, couldn’t keep up with the top group. But a 24-hour race will not be decided in Qualifying. I am really looking forward to Saturday and Sunday.“

Nick Catsburg (#81 BMW M8 GTE): “The Qualifying session gives us a good sense of what the potential is in our vehicle, but with a 24-hour race, the main attention is necessarily a good start. We will see what happens in the race.“

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