24h Le Mans 2018: high-tech headlamps on BMW M8 GTE

In the case of long-distance races such as the 24h Le Mans in 2018, the decision about victory or defeat, not infrequently in the night. Only those who in the Morning still in the leading group, has a Chance to win – and every year, bursting countless dreams of drivers and Teams during the night. In addition to the with increasing duration of the race is always most sensitive ones reliability question of transport plays a role in this, because accidents in the night are tracks in a long race, not a rarity. Thus, the driver of the BMW M8 GTE in Le Mans optimum point of view, and at the same time from all the other drivers, well be-seen, BMW has, together with Osram and GERG Lighthouse high-tech headlights developed, which may be a decisive advantage.

The lighting technology is fundamentally different from the production car, because, of course, other factors play on the track with a role as in the road traffic. The whole carriageway must also be at night, bright and dark-lit, to be able to obstacles and hazards at the high speeds at Le Mans at an early stage. Special spotlights illuminate the turning points in the fast corners, because here can be easily given away valuable seconds. Unlike in the series vehicle activates the remote light of the BMW M8 GTE virtually uninterrupted – which is why the headlights in Le Mans works Vice-versa, and the headlights briefly dim to make slower vehicles on the M8 attention. Also in the Box that deactivates the remote light to dazzle anyone unnecessarily.

The LED headlights of the BMW M8 GTE exploit the technical Maximum in terms of light output and heat. Each headlight is equipped with six Osram Oslon Black Flat LEDs in the 3-Chip version, the compact dimensions and moderate heat development with low weight combine. For optimal cooling pressure produced aluminum heat-sink part, a by 3D. The housing of the headlights are with a view on the weight of Carbon, also the Reflectors are made of a thin, vapor-deposited chromium layer made of Carbon. In spite of fundamentally different technology the headlights of the BMW M8 will GTE move optically close to the series-production headlight. Whether the high-tech headlamps give you a rash, we learn already soon: On 16. and 17. June, the 24h Le Mans, 2018, in the context of the world premiere of the beholder BMW 8er coupe G15 will be on the rise.

Richard Bichler (project Manager, BMW M8 GTE in BMW Motorsport): “This lighting system is a safety factor for the driver. Due to the optimum illumination of the road, especially on the long, forest straights of Le Mans, fatigue, the pilots not so fast and can see early on what is happening in front of you on the track, as well as the edge of the road.
That it runs a completely custom light development for the race car, it has been seen before at BMW Motorsport. In all previous racing cars of the performance was used strong series spotlight that only has been optimised in weight.”

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