BMW 2 series coupe will retain the use of agile rear-wheel drive, the 2 series convertible is omitted

The conversion of the 1-series to front-wheel drive 2019 has also friends of the BMW 2 series Coupé. BMW adopted from the small, but for driving fun friends particularly fine Segment of the compact rear-wheel drive? The answer is now, and likely in many locations to provide relief: The BMW 2 series Coupé also comes in its second Generation with rear-wheel drive and a nearly balanced weight distribution! The traditional BMW-concept is also still in the compact class experience and is not necessarily coupled to larger and therefore also more expensive classes of vehicles.

Technical Basis for the new BMW 2 series Coupé is the CLAR-architecture for vehicles with a front engine and rear-wheel-drive, including the next BMW 3-series G20 or the BMW Z4 G29 is used. The two-door 2 series is taking on a special role within the compact BMW, because the four-door BMW 2 series Gran coupe F44 is in contrast to the classic Coupé on the £ 2-architecture based and, thus, the same front-wheel-drive Layout of the BMW 1-series F40 and the spacious Tourer variants of the 2 series.

Since the BMW 2 series coupe remains rear-wheel drive, is also secured the future of the sport models M240i and M2. While real successor of these models on the Basis of a front-wheel-drive would be architecture, hard to imagine, are the big driving fun-Bringer in a compact format now also in the next decade represented. It is also clear that BMW will emphasize the special role of the coupé regardless of the motorization with a particularly dynamic voting.

No future there is, however, for the BMW 2 series convertible. The open variant of the 2-series, which was previously offered as the fixed-head coupe with rear wheel drive and balanced weight distribution, is omitted according to our information, and does not receive a successor. The role of the open Compact to apparently take on the BMW Z4 Roadster and the bigger BMW 4 series convertible – both of which are to be converted in the next few years, on a fabric top, and from the previously used metal folding roof, to say goodbye. This is also an important and unique feature of the BMW not applicable 2 series convertible, which was previously the only open fabric roof-BMW below the 6-series.

With the reorganization of the BMW 2-series have found the people of Munich, a solution that should prepare both the financial – as well as the driving pleasure group, pleasure. While the BMW 2 series Gran coupe, Active Tourer and Gran Tourer benefit from the financially attractive UKL architecture, may all the friends of the rear-wheel drive on the two-door coupe offers.

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