BMW 8er Gran coupe 2019: Patent sketches reveal Design

The Design of the new BMW 8er Gran coupe is unveiled: Patent sketches show the design language of the four-door coupe already for over a year before the planned market launch in 2019, and also reveal that the lateral line, as expected, close to the M8 Gran coupe Concept – oriented. The four-door 8-seater is.expected to be the Bestseller of the series, and for many customers to an exciting 7-a-Alternative, emitting more individuality and exclusivity of a classic luxury sedan

With the BMW 8er Gran coupe competitors such as the Aston Martin back Rapide, the Mercedes-AMG GT 4-door coupe and of course the Porsche Panamera in the range of the 8-series. Even if the Segment of four-door luxury is a competitive athlete hard, it is worthwhile for the manufacturer thanks to high margins and a lot of Prestige. While in coupe and convertible is all about the two occupants in the first row, should be able to travel to the rear in the BMW 8er Gran coupe-passengers comfortably.

The engine range of the four-door will match the coupe and convertible: As an introduction, the number of act six-cylinder models 840d and 840i, in addition to the M Performance model M850i xDrive plays with 530 horsepower twin-turbo V8. As a sporty Top model of the BMW M8 Gran coupe occurs also in 2019, the well over 600 HP and also thanks to the highly agile, all-wheel drive M xDrive extremely superior driving performance promises.

In addition to the Gran coupe, the Patent will allow sketches and a first look at the upcoming BMW 8er Cabrio, which goes to 2019 with a soft top at the Start. According to BMW-counting mode, the 8-seater family will be in order within a short period of time sechsköpfig: There are three body variants, which come in both 8-seater as well as in the Form of extra sharp M8 in the trade.

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