BMW 8er: Photoshop designs to show Cabrio, Sportback & co.

As usual, there are also, in the case of the new BMW 8-series the first Photoshop designs to other body variants. While the four-door BMW 8er Gran coupe and, of course, confirmed the two-door 8 series convertible officially and 2019 will come to the market, are other proposals more in the realm of the imagination is home to what is, in the case of a BMW 8-seater Pickup Truck with an open cargo area probably better. Been exciting would be an elegant Sport wagon called the BMW 8-seater Shooting Brake, the it with the practical variant of the Porsche Panamera could accommodate and, thanks to the concentration on the two doors, also a little of the legendary Z3 coupe is reminiscent. Notes on concrete plans to such a variant, there is not but so far.

The most interesting design is, therefore, clear that the BMW 8 convertible, the open Version of the new luxury-athlete from Munich, is already in 2019 on the market. With a soft top and sovereign drives the open-8er will compete against the Aston Martin DB11, and a breath of fresh air in the Segment of stainless-convertible. It is still unclear whether the BMW 8er Cabrio of the season comes just in time for the European open-top driving to the market or whether the market will start up in the autumn moves.

Also officially confirmed is the BMW 8er Gran coupe, whose Design is already partially through the M8 Gran coupe Concept was unveiled. Just like the previous 6 series, the Gran coupe is likely to become the new 8-series a best-seller and by far the most commonly ordered 8-seater variant. To be distributed in the case of the 6-series, the four-door coupe, due to its indisputable advantages in everyday life for over 50 percent of worldwide sales, while the Rest of the sales numbers slightly in favor of the coupe. We assume that the 8-series in the medium term will come from a similar distribution, even if the coupe plays on the basis of previous market launches the main role.

All three body variants of the 8ers are offered as a BMW, as BMW M Performance automobiles and BMW M-model. In addition to the volume models such as the BMW 840d and 840i, consequently, there is the BMW M850i xDrive and the sporty BMW M8. The latter makes for 2019, significantly more than 600 horsepower and is likely along the current M5 as well as the transverse dynamic again outbid.

(Photoshop-Designs: X-Tomi.Design)

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