BMW Alpina B7: 608 HP Exclusive Edition for Canada

With the strictly limited BMW Alpina B7 Exclusive Edition clients can look forward to in Canada, one of the most interesting ways to drive a BMW 7 series G12. The Buchloer Interpretation of this luxury sedan is completely independent of the actual execution of a Statement of good taste and superior Performance, but with 21 units, limited Exclusive Edition climbs the BMW Alpina B7 is still a further Level.

Seven vehicles are in the available colors, Frozen Grey, Frozen Black or sapphire black are manufactured. In the interior of the Alpina plaque on the selected finish and also bears the inscription “1 of 7”. Numerous black-and-chrome-plated elements, ranging from the kidney to the tailpipes, the Alpina-sports exhaust system to the exterior, together with the 21-inch Alpina Classic rims in high gloss black. Of course, the typical B7 may aprons-elements, such as the specific front-top and the striking rear spoiler-lip, not missing.

Like all the rest of the current B7 based on the 7-a-Generation G12 also contributes to the Canada BMW Alpina B7 Exclusive Edition is a 4.4-Liter Biturbo V8 under the hood. 608 HP and 800 Newton meters of torque allow it to the saloon in combination with the standard all-wheel drive, to speed in just 3.7 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h. The maximum speed of the 5.25-metre-long sedan is the Alpina with impressive 330 km/h.

The 21 copies of the BMW Alpina B7 Exclusive Edition will be sold starting in July in Canada. Despite the expected price in Germany a B7 Biturbo costs 149.400 € base price – davin can be assumed that all units of the special edition are sold out within a few days.

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