BMW i8 Roadster and i3: New photos of the i-Duo from South Africa

In the Form of the new BMW i8 Roadster is the first open Plug-in Hybrid in the history of the BMW Group. Also in the case of BMW South Africa sees great potential to conquer with the open-top sports car new customers for the BMW i and has therefore to make some of their own photographs, which show us the right handlebar in the new color E-Copper with fantastic weather on the southern tip of Africa. An important target group for the Roadster is also the owner of the i8 coupe, as many customers have requested in the past, an open variant.

While the unchanged high-currently-looking Design with the Facelift has hardly changed, on the technical side, an important change: in the middle of The tunnel between the occupant-placed Lithium-ion battery is the latest Generation of technology and is therefore significantly more powerful than the since 2014 built-in version of the original i8. The result is a significantly improved electric-only range, which dismisses the three-cylinder in the rear in more everyday situations in unemployment.

Like the new BMW i8 Roadster drives, we were already a couple of weeks ago in Mallorca know.

On some of the other photos we also see the BMW i3 94Ah, without a doubt, the less attractive the overall package, but as an electric car in city traffic, undeniable advantages – and of course much cheaper than the sports car i8. Between the two Bookends of the BMW i will be in the next few years, several models followed, including the BMW iNEXT and of the series-the BMW-derived electric cars such as the BMW iX3 or the BMW i4.

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