BMW M5 F90 Videos: Taipei-drift and Drag Race vs E 63 S

Two new Videos show us the versatility of the BMW M5 F90 in very different situations. From South Africa a Drag Race, the new Power-sedan for needs to make the duel with the Mercedes-AMG E 63 S 4MATIC+. The M5 enters formally with a power deficit of 12 PS, must hide but not.

As several comparison tests from all over the world in the last few weeks have proven, the two 600-HP Power-sedans from Germany, largely at eye level, with small advantages for Garching and time for Affalterbach. Both the BMW M5 F90 as well as the Mercedes-AMG E 63 S to use a V8-Biturbo engine and drive all four wheels, in both cases, the all-wheel drive at the push of a button to disable.

According to factory specification, both vehicles need a little more than 3 seconds for the Sprint from 0 to 100 km/h. The BMW M5 F90 benefits from a according to various measured values around 100 kg lower weight, which is, of course, on race tracks advantage. So is the BMW M5 in the location, both on the Nürburgring Nordschleife and on the Hockenheimring, the level of a Ferrari 458 Italia .

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The two faces of the BMW M5 F90 also shows a Video of the M GmbH, the shows in addition to the sedan, the Asian metropolis of Taipei. Whether in a Drift or on the way to the Hotel – the M5 the appearance ruled as a cautious Business-sedan.

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Still not enough? has also compared the Drift abilities of BMW M5 F90 and Mercedes-AMG E 63 S 4MATIC+:

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(Video Of The Drag Race / Video Taipei / Video Drift-Comparison)

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