Dähler BMW X2: F39-Tuning with a Power-Update from Switzerland

Already in the short time since its market launch in March, the BMW X2 F39 has found many friends and followers. The unconventional Design of the Compact SUV is striking, ensures attention and makes it clear that here is no ordinary City-this is off-roader on the road. Especially with the M sport package and in eye-catching colors such as Galvanic Gold, Misano blue , or Sunset Orange , is apparently also about vehicles all in Black to say.

Dähler Competition shows his Interpretation of the BMW X2 in the darkest of all colors and shows a new side of the F39. In the center of the Tuning program from the Switzerland, an increase in performance for the petrol – and Diesel-engines to be up to 31 HP more. There are different exhaust systems, wheels in 20 or 21 inch and two chassis options with lowering.

For the three-cylinder gasoline engine B38 under the hood of the BMW X2 sDrive18i Dähler offers a performance increase from 136 to 158 HP, the maximum torque climbs to 264 Newton metres. The house from the 192 HP strong four-cylinder gasoline engine B48 is pushed in Switzerland to 223 horsepower and 340 Newton-meters. The two four-cylinder Diesel B47 family, after the visit in Switzerland 174 HP and 390 Nm (18d), or even 220 HP and 450 Nm (20d).

Closer to the Asphalt of the Dähler BMW X2 F39 indented either by a set of sport springs, or by the installation of a fully-tuned sport chassis. The latter is often in height and hardness adjustable and can therefore be adapted exactly to the preferences of the driver.

As it is less discreet, we had already shortly after the launch of the new Compact SUV: The Maxklusiv BMW X2 shone with chrome foiling and extreme lowering air suspension.

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by : klonr.com