Driving report BMW X4 M40d G02: Focused on driving dynamics

The second Generation of the BMW X4 has its home in the United States. For the first drive report with the new X4 M40d we visited the place that is not only since Donald Trump is of great importance for the BMW Group In Spartanburg, all big X models run by the Band and make the German company the largest car exporter in the USA. With almost 200,000 units in 2014, the BMW X4 has arrived, the first Generation on the market in 2014 and its a model change is imminent, its part contributed to it.

Anyone who believes that he can judge after a ride with the current X3 G01, the new edition of the X4, is wrong. That the jump to the first Generation, which was about 8 inches shorter, at 3.7 inches narrower and 3 mm higher in size, was already to be expected. Less clear was that X3 and X4. Although both middle-class SUV, sharing many components and incontrovertible closely related, behavior, the developers of the BMW X4 G02 suitable to the dynamic Design is also a significantly more agile driving with on the way.

Driving report BMW X4 M40d G02: SUV-coupe in the best of shape

The basis for the admittedly not in this vehemence, the expected dynamic growth is the modified rear axle of the BMW X4. In comparison to the X3, the coupe, thanks to a modified wheel about 30 mm more track width on the rear axle, which makes steering response for a more neutral. On the front axle, the Variable sport steering that comes with all of the X4 series as standard, which was upgraded for the coupe with a more agile Software application. Rounding out the completely revised suspension, a tighter damper tune.

The result of the extensive modifications is not already after a few meters, and the first curves in South Carolina clear: The BMW X4 G02 only visually, but also in the driving behaviour of its own way and delivers on the promise of the CoupĂ© Silhouette even from a distance. In the case of dynamic driving experienced drivers also helps the compared to its predecessor, noticeably rear heavy-force distribution the four-wheel drive xDrive, with the taxes already in the approach to counteract. The electronically controlled lock on the rear axle is networked directly with the DSC control system and supports, depending on the driving mode with more or less locking effect. Who wants, can move the X4 hence also the cross – what feels at the wheel of a SUV again and again, unusual, but it works amazingly well.

The BMW X4 G02 in the day-to-day style more, however, the flip side of the high dynamics as Well: in the Comfort mode of the Adaptive suspension, the SUV-coupe is not a sedan-chair, particularly transverse grooves, and other short bursts penetrate significantly into the interior and under the sports swipe-friendly positioning of the vehicle. It is clear that If 18-inch wheels and sport suspension are not standard on Board, you should expect no comfort-best values. This is not to say that the X4 is annoying with exaggerated hardness, but compared to the X3 is the driving dynamics-focused elasto-kinematics ensures ultimately, however, for certain limitations on comfort.

A very convincing impression of the doubly-charged series six-cylinder Diesel of the BMW X4 M40d. The 326-HP B57 variant already offers just over 1,200 U/min, at least 600 Newton meters of torque, and the Maximum of 680 Newton-metres across a wide window of 1,750 to 2,750 rpm. Accordingly vehemently the Biturbo-Diesel drives the SUV-coupe in every situation to the front: According to the factory specification of the Performance-Diesel penetrates to 4.9 seconds in the three-digit speed area, in everyday life he can be and still fit with 8 to 9 litres to 100 kilometers move. In Europe, many customers know, the Diesel-typical combination of sovereign power and drinking to appreciate morals.

Experience the agile driving fun package BMW X4 M40d in an interior, dispelling all doubts as to the proximity to the X3. Aside from an additional knee-Pads for driver and passenger, the Cockpit is not different from the X3, which is, however, not a disadvantage: The interior of the two mid-size SUV from Spartanburg has been improved compared to the predecessors, dramatically, is equipped with finer materials and with significantly more attention to Detail.

Compared to the first X4, the new edition offers thanks to the increased Wheelbase noticeably more space in the rear, always in a ratio of 40:20:40-split rear bench makes a round of Luggage-Tetris a lot easier. Completely identical to the X3’s Infotainment System, iDrive with touch screen and gesture control, as well as the offer of the assistance systems. With other words: the BMW X4 M40d and all of the weaker versions of the G02 to support the driver in monotonous driving situations, and, for example, can take on the highway or on well-paved country roads for several seconds, the tasks of the driver.

The prices for the new BMW X4 G02 start in Germany at 49.700 euros for the entry-level petrol engine xDrive20i, cheapest Diesel in the X4 xDrive20d is EUR 52,500. In comparison to the braveren, but also more spacious X3, BMW requires this extra charges of around € 5,000. For the driven preliminary range-topping BMW X4 M40d at least 70.900 euros must be invested.

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