Erlkönig-Video: BMW M340i G20 at the Limit at the Nürburgring

With full use of the new BMW M340i G20 completed its test runs on the Nürburgring Nordschleife. A new Video by Automotive Mike shows one of the two M Performance models on the Basis of the next 3-series Generation for dynamic testing in the “Green hell”, and provides us with a good impression of the car, which will be in the next few years, no less than the heart of the BMW family.

Even if other engines will be to pay for a much larger piece that fits the BMW M340i G20 perfectly to claim the 3-series: It combines high performance with unrestricted suitability for everyday use and sports, and driving to bring fun into everyday life. It requires less willingness to compromise than a M3, but still offers a noticeably more dynamic than the usual 3-series variants. The proverbial sheer Driving pleasure is therefore particularly closely with the BMW M340i.

With an almost identical positioning in 2019, the BMW M340d will go to the Start, and especially in Europe on the hunt for a lot of drivers go. The Diesel offers slightly less performance than the petrol engine, apart from that, the technology package differs but little. It is undisputed that the distance between two fuel stops in the case of the M340d could be significantly greater, which rides just promises at regular highway over longer distances additional comfort.

The spy Video from the Nürburgring Nordschleife to seeing BMW M340i G20 bears the already, the reduced camouflage the Final Evaluation Phase (FEP), and reveals, therefore, more Details than the earlier prototypes. Relatively easy to see the design of the rear lights, which are apparently very shallow, and a clear L-shape. The design of the direct-connected kidney (Mono-Kidneys) and spotlight was already on our BMW 3 series Touring G21 Erlkönig photos of the beginning of the week clearly visible.

Both the BMW M340i as well as the M340d will come in the course of the first half of the year 2019 in the trade, possibly even at the same time, probably in February, starting entry-level variants of the 3 series. Both models are powered by a inline six-cylinder engine, and clearly over 300 HP to offer an eight-speed sports automatic is standard on Board.

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