Freeway-Video: BMW 8er G15 in Individual Dravitgrau Metallic

The new BMW 8er G15 is immediately after its unveiling in Le Mans more and more often standing on the road in Germany. After we already on Monday, first Live photos in Dravitgrau Metallic could show up, we can now even a short motorway Video from the new luxury sports car from Munich reloading. Our reader Markus caught the 8 also in the Individual painting Dravitgrau, possibly it is even the same vehicle as in the photos from Monday.

Well there is also the M sport package emphasizes the dynamic forms of the BMW 8 G15 in addition to, and expected by a majority of the customers ordered. Because one is not only since our Interview with product Manager Sarah Leßmann clear: While other manufacturers in the Segment of large Coupés mainly on comfort, focus, is the 8 a real BMW – including Driving pleasure and driving dynamics on a high level.

The demarcation to the competition from Stuttgart is already a coupe when you look at the dimensions, With a length of 4.85 metres, the BMW 8er coupe is significantly shorter than an S-class, the weight is about 100 kilograms lighter than the noble Swabia. It is clear that the size of the 8 does not want to impress, him other values. And we are excited to see how well the new 8 G15 with balanced weight distribution and high-quality suspension technology, can conceal, among other things, the adaptive M suspension, rear – wheel all-wheel drive with fully variable power distribution, and rear – axle steering as standard-in absolute Numbers, however, instead of average weight.

No Surprise that all variants of the BMW 8 G15 make over 300 HP. It starts first with 840d and M850i, later, in any case, a 840i and a M8 with well over 600 HP. If, in addition, other variants are planned, remains to be seen.

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