Image comparison: BMW 8er G15 2018 meets BMW 8er E31 1989

30 years, not only in the automotive industry for a long time, but the new BMW 8er G15 makes a look in the rear view mirror so obvious as rarely. Our not very serious image comparison shows the new luxury coupe with its nominal predecessor, the E31, the came already on the market in 1989, and until 1999, was built nearly three decades before his successor. What unites both vehicles, the Position at the top end of the BMW model range, even if that 2018 looks completely different from that in the first 8 Generation, as not only the first X-models M-models with Turbo-charging is almost unthinkable. Both models offer the Maximum of what had to of your respective time in the luxury segment, available and combine the often large sedans reserved for technology with a much more compact and significantly more dynamic, Coupé-like Form.

Another Common feature is the clear delineation of all other current BMW models. While the BMW 8er E31 attracted the attention with an extremely flat Front, very small kidneys, and flip-up headlights, is the new 8-seater with a significantly more prominent and the bottom of wider kidney grille, flat headlights and rear lights and a sporty roof Design with Central deepening of the current large-series Standards. Also in the interior, both models maintain a clear autonomy and stand out conspicuously from the rest of the luxury models of its time. That of 2018, in series, a Live digital Cockpit and a Head-up Display, is self-explanatory.

Exciting to have a look at the technology, because, despite all the differences there are quite a few exciting things in common. Perhaps most Interesting is that both vehicles with rear-wheel steering can be on the road. What was once an Active called rear axle kinematics, hears the name of Integral Aktivlenkug.

That the new BMW offers 8 some of the Features that have listened to E31-times like Science Fiction, should not go unmentioned, either. Among other things, the BMW is equipped with headlights 8 G15 with laser light, has an extremely rigid and at the same time very lightweight body with Carbon Core technology and is an M Performance model M850i in the position to reach in just 3.7 seconds-country roads-Tempo – a value that seemed to be in 1989, almost inaccessible to road vehicles and is the BMW M8 2019 by several tenths of a second undercut. In the context of the E31 was probably unthinkable that a luxury Coupe will be offered in the year 2018 with a Diesel engine, and draws from 3.0 litres engine capacity of 320 HP and still not even the most powerful self-igniter in the engine range of the BMW Group, which is why the one or the other potential customer is likely to hope for a possible BMW M850d with 400 horsepower Quad turbo-Diesel.

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