Isle of Man TT 2018: BMW S 1000 RR dominated the island

The world-famous Tourist Trophy on the Isle of Man was also shaped in 2018 by the success of the BMW S 1000 RR. Both in the Superbike and Superstock races at the Isle of Man TT 2018 BMW would have to can look forward to motorcycle extensively about great successes, if the race would not have been two serious accidents that resulted in death, overshadowed. In Superbike Qualifying, BMW-Pilot Dan Kneen died in an accident, in addition, the Scottish Supersport rider Adam Lyon was killed in the accident. How close a great success and great sorrow in the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy together, year after year shocking.

From a sporting point of view, the race for the BMW were nevertheless a great success. Michael Dunlop went to site of the accident Dan Kneen at the Start and was able to leave all competitors behind. It was already the 16. Success for Michael Dunlop on the Isle of Man, which has long since become its engine sporty living room. Further BMW drivers have reached the courts, 4, 5, 7 and 9. In the Superstock race, a Pilot won with Peter Hickmann again at the wheel of a BMW S 1000 RR and set an average speed of 216.3 km/h a new lap record. Michael Dunlop rode in this race in second place and made for a BMW one-two victory. Also on the ranks 4, 6, 7, and 8 other BMW pilots landed.

To conclude, Peter Hickmann could also choose the legendary Isle of Man Senior TT in 2018 and a sporty very successful race weekend crown. In the race for six laps Hickmann fought a hot duel with the Kawasaki rider Dean Harrison, he was able to decide in the last round with a phenomenal lap – where he set a new record lap time and an average speed of 217,989 km/h reached. This section has been previously measured in any of the races on ordinary streets, what makes Hickmann at the “Fastest Road Racer in the World”.

Michael Dunlop: “I wanted to reach for the memory of Dan something – this victory is for his family. I can’t celebrate this victory properly, it’s been a tough week. At the start of the Superbike race, I have difficulties with the rear of the bike, but I got into my rhythm and the Team has done a great Job.“

Philip Neill (team Manager Tyco BMW): “It was for all Involved a very emotional week. To lose Dan, it was terrible. The Best thing we could do was help Michael, to ride with the Tyco BMW in honor of Dan on the top step of the podium. Great respect for the Team that completes the fastest pit stop ever, and in front of Michael’s dedication and determination. I know that Michael’s smile had than him, Dan’s wife Leanne in the last round of the Pitboard with a tribute to the number 55 in addition to the P1 display.“

Peter Hickman: “It feels very good to be a TT winner. After the Start, I thought I’d blown it, as I mentioned braked Braddan too late for that, stop, go backwards, and again had to turn around. As a result, I’ve lost at least 15 seconds. After that, I gave everything and attacking like never before on the island. I also had trouble with the Wind always changed direction. But I was a Bike in the Superstock and the week quickly, and I was able to work me already during the first lap back in third place. Therefore, I knew that I still had a Chance. I just drove as fast as I could. This victory means a lot to me, my family and the Team.“

Peter Hickman (Senior TT): “What a tough race. Hats off to Dean Harrison. He was in the first two sectors so fast that I got lost getting to the ground. But I knew that I can catch up with the time on the mountain and on the rear part of the route. I’m so happy for all Involved. I can’t thank the Team and sponsors enough. Smiths Racing BMW gave me a Mega Bike. It was on the second part of the track just perfect. I knew that would decide everything in the last round, and I had even lost a bit of time, as I caught slower riders. But what a great ending for such an emotional TT.“

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