J. D. Power Plant Quality Award Gold for the BMW plant in Dingolfing

The BMW plant in Dingolfing can look forward to receiving one of the highest awards for automotive plants. The market research Institute J. D. Power and Associates has surveyed thousands of North American new-car customers three months after the purchase to satisfaction with their new cars and found that the owners of vehicles from Dingolfing are particularly pleased with your car. For the production quality of the BMW 7 series and 6 series, the work has now been honoured with the Plant Quality Award in Gold. The site is now officially the best factory in the Region, Europe and Africa.

The success is anything other than coincidence: For the plant in Dingolfing, it is already the third award of this kind in the past four years. In the last year to 376,000 vehicles in the BMW series 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 series in Dingolfing ran from the Band. 18,000 employees and 800 trainees manage to build around 1,600 vehicles per day – and that with impressive high quality. The location in lower Bavaria is located in the production network of the BMW Group in the best of company: a Total of four BMW plants to the Top-10 in the J. D. Power Europe-Africa-Assembly-Line-Ranking.

With the series production of the BMW 8 G15 starts soon in the construction of a further new flagship in Dingolfing. The sporty luxury coupe celebrates in November its worldwide market launch and to shape the image of the brand in the next few years.

Dr. Andreas Wendt (Director of BMW Group plant Dingolfing): “We take responsibility for the excellent quality of our vehicles and, thus, for the people we want to inspire. The more beautiful it is to see this to claim the top spot in the Ranking of the J. D. Power study confirms. The Feedback from our customers speaks a clear language: For the third Time in the last four years, our work for its high delivery quality and a coveted quality of received prices of J. D. Power. I would like to thank all our employees warmly for their high quality awareness and great team performance.”

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