May 2018: BMW Group increases U.S. sales by 3.4 percent

The BMW Group can look back in the USA on a successful may 2018 and an increase in sales of BMW and MINI offers. With a paragraph of 26.662 units the core BMW brand saw an increase of 3.3 percent and a similar Plus how in the previous year as a whole can be realized. MINI increased by 4.0% to 4.226 units and contributes to the overall increase of 3.4 percent on 30.888 vehicles sold.

The top-selling model of the company in the Spartanburg-built mid-size SUV BMW X3 G01 with 4.737 units for about 17 percent of the sold BMW models. A continued strong Performance, the new BMW X2, the hide-and-1.803 units not behind-the-2.475 copies of the more practical X1. Strong growth was achieved in addition to the 6 series and 7 series, as well as the fresh face-lifts and soon also as a Roadster is a Plug-in Hybrid sports car BMW i8.

In General, the BMW Group was able to increase its U.S. sales of electric cars and Plug-in hybrids in may 2018 to 26 percent. Overall, the electrified models come to a paragraph of 2.046 units, and represent approximately 6.6 percent of the vehicles sold. In the USA, the BMW Group sold next to the electric car i3, the Plug-in Hybrid i8, 330e, 530e, 740e, X5 xDrive40e and MINI Cooper S Countryman.

In the competition for the American Premium crown was in may of 2018, no brand is crucial to settle, Mercedes sold 26.976 units of around 300 vehicles more than BMW. While MINI managed to sell 4.226 units, sold Smart only 110 vehicles. However, Mercedes also sold 3.101 Vans and sprinters, which some analysts count, despite their undeniable commercial character, and the stuttgarters, therefore, a Premium sales of 30.187 units. Audi USA increased its sales by 0.6 percent to 19.315 vehicles and thus remains well behind BMW and Mercedes.

For the previous full year, the core BMW brand comes including may, 2018 to a U.S. sales 123.979 units and increased by 3.2 percent. Mercedes sold in the first five months of the year 132.657 vehicles, and is 0.2 percent below the prior-year period. Depending on the method of counting, you can add the mentioned values of 18.490 MINI and 524 Smart and can see either the BMW Group or Mercedes-Benz Cars at the top of the premium market.

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