Sachsenring-a record for a 700-HP BMW M5 F90 by AC Schnitzer

AC Schnitzer brings the record for the fastest sedan at the sachsenring to Aachen. On the Basis of the new BMW M5 F90 have the Tuning experts with a Business-sedan whose Performance no questions. With a lap time of 1:31,71 minutes, the BMW M5 by AC Schnitzer is the fastest sedan on the 3,671-Kilometer-long course – and, although the vehicle is located according to its builders is still in prototype Status, and previously not a single test kilometres on the track has completed. With other words: the AC Schnitzer air still looks to the above, further improvements are only a matter of time.

In comparison to the series vehicle, and its Performance in numerous comparison tests have shown, the BMW M5 F90 from Aachen, almost incredible four seconds faster. Also super sports cars such as the Mercedes-AMG GT, the Porsche 911 Turbo S and even the Lamborghini Aventador LP750-4SV only see the tail lights of the Business sedan. At the wheel of the BMW M5 by AC Schnitzer, an old Acquaintance who has fought many battles at the wheel of BMW racing cars sat with Jörg Müller. He can also travel with a “large sedan,” the lap times of sports cars, the Onboard Video of his impressive round in Sachsenring.

The AC Schnitzer BMW M5 F90 includes a power increase from 600 to 700 PS, at the same time, maximum torque has been increased from 750 to 850 Newton meters. Currently, this Upgrade is still in the long-term trial, but it should be promptly offered for all of the F90, with a three-year AC Schnitzer assemblies-warranty.

The aerodynamic components in the BMW M5 by AC Schnitzer are also still in a prototype stage, and were made of fiberglass, in order to achieve the desired aerodynamic effects. The later available Tuning components having the same shape, but made of even lighter Carbon fiber, and the promise of even more Performance.

Jörg Müller (racing driver): “this is A great car, really fast, super sporty, yet comfortable and absolutely suitable for everyday use! The M5 by AC Schnitzer has really everything I want in a car. And this one looks good, too.”

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