1. Half of the year, 2018: 5-series G30/G31 BMW Germany’s best-selling

The BMW 5-series G30 / G31 was in the 1. Half of 2018, the best-selling series from BMW Germany. The Business Class from Munich is enjoying great popularity around the world and also in the domestic market are constant. Although the BMW 5-series must be in the internal Competition in some individual months, the other series beaten, he was with 21.558 units, this is clearly the most sought-after model in the first six months. In addition to the 5 series, only the 1-and 2-made it over the mark of 20,000 units.

In which the width of the BMW model range in the domestic market is in demand, when you look at the Numbers for the June 2018: 3.605 units of the half-year came to a Bestseller only in the fourth rank to the target and must be in the sales race three of the series hit. At the top in June 2018, the BMW 2-series, which is certainly the Facelift for the BMW 2 series Active Tourer and Gran Tourer has benefited. The last summer implemented a model of care for the BMW 2 series Coupé and Cabrio likely played a smaller role, but their part in the success of the 2-series.

A strong Performance in June 2018, the compact BMW 1-series, which, although already in the autumn of their life cycle, but last summer, also fully upgraded, it was. Before the 5-series is ranked the BMW X1 F48, the continued worldwide popularity – although the X1 Facelift slowly its shadow throws, and with the BMW X2 recently, an attractive Alternative in-house.

Home of the best-sellers of BMW Germany, the middle-class models of the 3 series and 4 series remain. With 3.254 3s and 1.240 4ern in June 2018, the two series, whose models have in the past counted all of the 3-series, together clear in front of all the other series. This game is also for the first half of 2018, in the 3P and 4P come on over 25,000 units – although the next 3-series is a long time coming.

In the coming months, and especially from the beginning of 2019, it is expected to give not only the X-models fresh Wind. Very young in the market, or are completely new then the models BMW X4 (G02), BMW X5 (G05) and BMW X7 (G07). Already in the starting blocks of the BMW X4 M (G98) and the new edition of the BMW X6 (G06). In addition, the model range this year, the new BMW 8er coupe and the BMW Z4 Roadster complements. The greatest influence on the sales figures, but it is undoubtedly the market launch of the BMW 3-series (G20) in the spring of 2019, the new BMW 3 series Touring (G21) is foreshadowed.

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