AC Schnitzer BMW M2: Tuning for the Compact Champion

Even if the market launch of the new BMW M2 Competition directly in front of the door, the previous BMW M2 nothing of its appeal is lost. The compact athlete who enjoys sport drivers have a similar reputation as the 1-series M coupe, and a sports car with the best price-fun ratio ever, has since evolved to become one of the fundamental pillars of success for the M GmbH.

The popularity of the BMW M2 is also at BMW Abu Dhabi Motors are very conscious, finally, the dealer has sold in the UAE already numerous copies of the compact athlete. Only a few of them remained long in the original condition, many have sooner or later get a tune and have been made even sharper. The youngest of the M2 in the Showroom has maintained its Tuning prior to the sale, and shines with numerous components from the program from AC Schnitzer, which do not add value to the vehicle, only visually.

The large front splitter and the side Aero-Wings provide less lift on the front axle, the rear axle of the BMW M2 is pressed by the AC Schnitzer rear wing on the Asphalt. Ostensibly, the optics used, however the diffuser from AC Schnitzer, which gives the rear more Motorsport Flair and the AC Schnitzer sports exhaust system that includes the optimum.

Made of Carbon, also the exterior mirror caps, which are visible only at second glance to consist of: In combination with the paint finish in mineral grey Metallic with the Carbon elements to the Details, the fall is only at a closer Look, into the eye. 20-inch alloy wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport 4Styres complete the Tuning program for the 370 HP strong compact athlete.

(Photos: BMW Abu Dhabi Motors)

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