Autonomous Driving: the BMW Group cooperates in China with Baidu

The BMW Group continues on the road to Autonomous Driving on assistance from China: the page of Baidu, the Munich want to push the Apollo, called the Initiative, whose objective is the safe Autonomous Driving. In the case of Apollo, it is basically an open platform, the interested companies can participate. BMW will be in accordance with the Declaration of intent signed today in the Board of Directors of Apollo active and therefore can shape, where the platform develops, and what aspects of Autonomous driving, with priority to be further developed.

At Apollo, there were 118 companies from all over the world are involved, the priorities of companies lie in the automotive and in the technology area. The idea of the Initiative of Baidu is to accelerate research by pooling capacities and allowing all participants to be successful much faster.

For the BMW Group, the employee is to Drive to Apollo is only one of a number of large projects on the way to Autonomous. A further important collaboration with the Munich-based Chip manufacturer, Intel, Delphi and, in the meantime, Intel acquired camera specialists MobilEye.

Ya-Qin Zhang (Chairman of Baidu): “The BMW Group and Baidu share a long history of cooperation in the development of Autonomous driving, and we have maintained our close relationship over the years. The BMW Group and Baidu research has always been in the area of intelligent vehicles and share the Vision of the future of Autonomous driving. We hope that this intensive cooperation will enable our Chinese customers, a smart and comfortable product experience. Our goal is to accelerate the technical development for the Autonomous Driving on the Chinese market.”

Klaus Fröhlich (member of the Board of management of BMW AG, responsible for development): “Strong partnerships between the leading automotive and technology companies are the key To success on the long road to Autonomous. We are striving for uniform global technology standards, in order to eliminate the regional differences in the pace of Transposition and Regulatory requirements. With United forces, the BMW Group and Baidu will be able to accelerate the approximation of the specific requirements and technological approaches and the Vision of Autonomous Driving will leave for our Chinese customers will soon become a reality.”

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