BMW 1 series M Power Edition: 500, sharp rear-wheel drive for Italy

BMW Italy against the approaching farewell to the rear-drive 1 series, the limited-edition BMW 1 series M Power Edition. The special model is intended for all customers who want to see the drive of the rear wheels as a decisive buying argument, and now the Chance to buy a BMW 1 series with classic rear-wheel drive as a new car. Already in 2019 with the BMW 1-series F40 , the switch to the front-wheel-drive architecture UKL, friends compact rear-wheel drive are allowed but the continued rear-wheel drive, the new BMW 2 series coupe offers.

But back to the BMW 1 series M Power Edition, of which only 500 units will be built. The basis of the Editions package, the familiar M sport package, the Look but is refined by a number of elements in the colors of the M GmbH. The most important note for connoisseurs, the three M colours, the kidney-quest represent, lettering strips on the side sills, floor mats and interior. 18-inch light-alloy wheels in Styling 719 M Jet Black and tinted Windows round out the dynamic Look.

The BMW 1 series M Power Edition is available exclusively in Alpine white, Estoril blue and Melbourne Red can be ordered and is not in conjunction with xDrive all-wheel drive available. A choice of the rear-drive four-cylinder Diesel 118d, 120d and 125d, which are also rear-wheel drive four-cylinder petrol 120i and 125i, as well as the BMW M140i with in-line six-cylinder.

Part of the BMW 1 series M Power Edition is a driver training at the BMW Driving Experience that can be taken within 12 months of registration of the vehicle in the claim. The surcharge for the special edition is dependent on the selection of the engine and is between 300 and 2,500 euros.

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