BMW 2 series Gran coupe: spy photos show the Compact-sedan

Long we had to wait for the first spy photos, the BMW has been caught the 2 series Gran coupe F44 for the first time. Successful our readers André, who spotted the prototype in a group of test vehicles, and now for us has photographed. The BMW 2 series Gran coupe was in the convoy with a X5 G05 and a 3P G20 on the road and without a doubt, the most exciting of the three vehicles, the jointly by Austria drove.

In order to make the differences clearer, we have integrated Andrés photos from the 3P G20 also in the gallery. Despite the heavy camouflage, some differences can be observed, the one of the two prototypes, the BMW 2 series Gran coupe F44 identify. Striking is the somewhat steeper-standing hood, the smoother roof line with a shorter boot-lid and the bottom of the trunk-hood-placed indicator. G20 prototypes, the indicator significantly above, also have a Transition from the bonnet to the A-pillar and differently designed side mirrors.

The BMW 2 series Gran coupe will be available in 2019, the Western Alternative to the BMW 1 series sedan F52, which was developed primarily for China. Although both vehicles are based on the UKL architecture for vehicles with front-wheel drive and the Form to a compact notchback sedan, they should be clearly distinguished – not only in the quality of the interior of the 2ers, but also in terms of driving dynamics.

Engines with three and four cylinders to drive the BMW 2 series Gran coupe, in addition to the one or the other of the base model with front-wheel drive, there will be, of course, the all-wheel drive xDrive. This is as in the case of the 2 series Active Tourer and Gran Tourer , as well as X1 and X2 with a Haldex V clutch is realized and is capable of power distribution, it is already a loss of Traction to change. The electronics should recognize that a load requirement will soon be introducing to Overload the front wheels, is changed, the force distribution is already preventive. The BMW-specific control strategy of the Haldex-coupling we have already years ago with the head of the overall suspension tuning, Klaus Huber entertained.

Look closer and you can see in the photos, also a free-standing Infotainment Display in the center of the dashboard. Apart from that, the Cockpit will be hidden, but a little tension to remain until the Premiere in 2019 also. Already safe to say that the roof line is a relatively good space in the rear expect. Even if the new BMW 2 series Gran coupe, 2019 will not be a car, five tall adults will want as a first choice for common travel in the summer holiday, it is likely to offer at least the Segment of the usual dimensions.

Among the rivals in the Segment, the BMW 2 series Gran coupe, the Mercedes CLA and, of course, the Audi A3 sedan. The two rivals stand on a front-wheel-drive architecture and will differ exactly as the four-door Gran coupe from the new edition of the BMW 2 series coupe: The compact two-door model will also be in the next Generation, with balanced weight distribution and rear-wheel drive to compete. Technical similarities with the four-door 2 series Gran coupe, despite the similar Name.

(Photos: André

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