BMW 8er coupe: Live photos show G15 in elegant White

The new BMW 8er coupe shows in the days after its world premiere, that his Design works with many colours. White is, after Barcelona, Blue, Sunset Orange and Dravitgrau the fourth proof that the BMW 8 G15 not only with selected paint finishes Shine. The recent photos were taken by Christian Wimmer, who discovered the car in a completely ungetarnten factory test in Munich and immediately some strong photos. Wimmer photography is our attentive readers may by our common BMW i8 photo shoot at the BMW Welt .

The well-photographed BMW 8er factory test car is obvious, the M sport package and the BMW Individual high-gloss Shadow Line, extended sizes. Glossy black kidneys, Air Breather and exhaust pipe finishers put dark accents on the white paint and make the luxury Coupé even more individual.

The side view makes the extremely flat Silhouette of the BMW 8 G15 well seen and thus confirmed what the us product Manager Sarah Leßmann in an Interview, said: the focus of The developer was quite clear on the Design, other aspects such as the space in the rear later on with other body styles. In the second row, the headroom is only one of two problems, also for the legs of the seats at a comfortable setting in the front is just a little space. So the back of most BMW 8er is likely to play a role similar to that of the Porsche 911: okay for short distances with kids, but in everyday life, rather a storage space for Jackets and smaller pieces of Luggage.

Who is a BMW 8er coupe in White’s thinking, should also have the optional Carbon package and also available at extra cost Carbon roof. With the dark high-tech Material, additional accents can be set, which emphasize the dynamics of the Sport coupes in addition to, and at the same time reduce the weight.

(Photos: Wimmer Photography)

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