BMW 8er: Russia-Premiere at the Bolshoi theatre in Moscow

A few weeks after the world premiere in Le Mans, the new BMW 8er coupe, well its official-Russia-Premiere completed. The new brand flagship as the first automotive part of a presentation in the glorious Moscow’s Bolshoi theatre, and reached not only car Fans, but also all visitors to the ballet performance of “The daughter of the Pharaoh”. BMW Russia has been cooperating since 2004 with the Bolshoi theatre in Moscow and promotes the culture in the Russian capital.

In its Russia Premiere of the 8-seater was once again to see the BMW M850i xDrive coupe. The configuration with a Carbon fiber package, and Carbon roof and paint in Sunset Orange advanced already in Le Mans the sporting side of the vehicle in the focus, while the Launch color Barcelona blue comparatively restrained appearance and the elegance of the BMW 8 G15 emphasized.

The official photos show the BMW M850i in dim light and are therefore suitable as a Wallpaper motif. Not only the Detail shots of the headlamps and rear lights convey a good impression of the night Design at the Front and rear. Who asked up to now, as the BMW will have a 8-seater Coupé in the dark, now receives a meaningful response from Russia.

The shown BMW M850i is the preliminary Top model of the 8-series for 2019 planned introduction of an even stronger BMW M8, however, is an open secret. But even if it will later give an even stronger model, do not need to hide the M850i for sure: A 530 HP Biturbo V8 provides impressive traction and it is able to speed up the sporty luxury coupe in just 3.7 seconds from a standstill to 100 km/h.

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