BMW and Brilliance to build cooperation in China from

BMW and Brilliance Automotive deepen their cooperation, and thus lay the Foundation for even more sales in China. The BBA Joint Venture between the two car manufacturers will increase the production capacity of the two plants in Shenyang, from 2019, to about 520,000 units per year. The vast majority of China-built BMW remains by far the largest single market for the brand, from the end of 2020, with the new BMW iX3 but also a vehicle for Export to the Rest of the world constructed in China.

Since may, the BMW X3 G01 in China will be built, what is the flexibility of the BMW Group in the looming trade dispute between the United States and other countries strengthens. Of the 2017 in China sold 560.000 BMW have already built two thirds on the spot, in the future, the ratio of locally produced vehicles is expected to rise even further. Overall, the BBA employs more than 16,800 employees in China for the production and development of vehicles.

How big is the importance of China for the sales of the BMW Group, we have shown recently on the example of the BMW 3 series, 5 series and X1 vividly.

Harald Kr├╝ger (Chairman of the Board of management of BMW AG): “Today is a new Chapter in the success story of our Joint venture BMW Brilliance Automotive will start. Our agreement sets a long-term framework for our future in China – a future with continuous investment, growth and a clear commitment to the development and production of electric vehicles. The next Chapter of our collaboration has the potential, through our existing Motto – in China for China. The BBA from 2020 onwards, produced all-electric BMW iX3 will find customers around the world.”

Nicolas Peter (member of the Board of management of BMW AG, Finance): “the BBA is our cornerstone for the sustainable success of the BMW brand in its largest market. This year, our Joint Venture celebrates its 15th anniversary. The tremendous growth that we have achieved over the years, it was only through our strong and reliable partnership with Brilliance. Together, we have laid the Foundation for future growth.”

Yumin Qi (Chairman of the Board of Brilliance Automotive Group Holdings): “BMW Brilliance Automotive is a unique success story and stands out as an example of a trustful partnership. This joint success drives the economic development of Liaoning province and creates jobs and prosperity for thousands of our employees in the Region.”

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