BMW energy Central: Active contribution to grid stability

One of the biggest challenges when switching to electric mobility is the adaptation of electricity grids, so far, not for the simultaneous supply of hundreds of thousands of electric cars are designed. With the Energy centers at the plants in Dingolfing and Landshut, the BMW Group contributes its part to ensure that the current networks can continue to work stable. Together with other highly flexible controllable plants take the two plants to the balancing power market, which is not only for the BMW Group’s innovative business field.

Under the rule, energy experts understand a flexible energy reserve, with the fluctuations in the power grid can compensate for. With the increasing importance of renewable energies from Solar and wind power, the fluctuations have increased in the electricity grid, because the energy production is so predictable, as with conventional power plants. With the help of the control energy electricity network operators can flexibly respond to excess supply or unexpectedly high demand. This regulation is carried out continuously and virtually in real time.

The power plants of the BMW Group at the locations in Dingolfing and Landshut can absorb energy as well as energy. Contributes to these capabilities, the storage farm in the BMW plant in Leipzig, the 700 i3-batteries and uses as energy storage and the stability of the power grid.

Dr. Joachim Kolling, head of Energy Services): “With this business model, we contribute to the stabilisation of the electricity grid and to a further dissemination of sustainably produced electricity. Through intelligent networking and control of electricity producers, -consumers and -save, we help shape the power grid of the future. With the provided flexibility of the CO2 pave-free electric mobility of Tomorrow.”

In the future, electric cars will make their contribution and, if necessary, power on the energy grid, may make: “you can imagine our electrified vehicles as mobile energy storage. So these will be networked in the near future, not only for the stationary systems, in our plants, but also our vehicles and the power grid stable. Always assuming, of course, that our customers give us for your consent.”

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