BMW fails with the Acquisition of Audi shares of the FC Bayern

For many people in Munich would almost come together, what belongs together: the BMW was apparently on the verge of FC Bayern Munich as the official automotive partner to enter. After many years of Opel, the attractive place on the side of Germany’s most successful football will be busy club for some time from the Ingolstadt VW subsidiary Audi, the sponsors, in addition to the Bayern are also numerous other international top clubs and, in return, very a lot of media attention garners. According to current media reports would have the BMW Group the role of the Audi FC Bayern Munich, but the Ingolstadt-based company were able to attack, apparently to fend off.

The background of the potential switch, according to media Reports, for years smoldering Diesel crisis at Audi. For a long time, it is clear that the Ingolstadt-based company were much more than just a follower in a VW Diesel-scandal and their own Premium Image sustainable undermined. This is not, apparently, come across many customers pissed off, but also the responsible people at FC Bayern Munich Because the players and officials to be part of the trusted with questionable Audi Diesel models are on-the-go, feared football-Manager-Image-damage for your club and were looking for a clean Alternative. Long as they have not had to search for it, finally a clean the Diesel crisis has led companies with the BMW Group in the Bavarian metropolis.

The former BMW Board member and current VW boss, however, learn of the efforts of the BMW Group, and then convincing counter-measures have to be initiated. In order to prevent a change of FC Bayern Munich from Audi to BMW, the Ingolstadt-based company and its Wolfsburg parent to their existing sponsorship contract changed. In other words, Audi does not pay in the future for more money at Bayern, so that the drive in the future BMW.

While the sports sponsorship of the BMW Group has thus far concentrated on other sports, get involved Audi and other VW subsidiaries for many years, with high amounts in the sport of football. A General change in strategy on the part of the BMW Group, the attempt of a partnership with FC Bayern Munich, is not likely to represent – but the Chance of the Premium competitors in the home city to thwart, not to leave, apparently unused.

(Photos: Audi)

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