BMW i3 120Ah: when comes the i3, with about 350 km range?

Since the Facelift a few months ago, it is still to the BMW i3 and i3s that could soon change. According to our information, to run in the Background of intense preparations for the debut of the BMW i3, 120Ah, with a larger Lithium-ion battery is also more coverage promises. The more powerful battery could be the standard range according to the NEDC to about 350 kilometres increase, and thus the last range-doubters appease – after all, the BMW i3 is primarily a city car, the majority of customers rarely use it for more than 50 kilometers a day.

According to our information, the BMW i3 120Ah not-distant future, instead of the market launch only a few months away. By the end of 2018 or no later than the beginning of 2019 could be the BMW i3 120Ah according to our information, come to the market and show that with BMW i still to expect. Although the i3 since the end of 2013 is available, would the new battery to one of the most modern and the reach of most vehicles in the segment. Also, would a BMW i3 120Ah the strategy of the BMW Group, under the walls, the customer is always state of the art technology to offer and also after a relatively short time new technical possibilities in the series.

It is still uncertain how well the in practice, experienced reach Plus communicate: Because of the usual NEDC has value in consequence of the introduction of the new WLTP cycle soon, no longer relevant, could be specified, the BMW i3 120Ah despite the larger practice range with a smaller standard value. How big are the differences between the two cycles for the ranges of specification are, BMW had already, in the case of the upcoming electric SUV iX3 indicated: A car with 400 km range under the WLTP would be according to the NEDC 500 kilometers managed. This makes the comparability of the coverage data is currently difficult because you will inevitably be measured with double standards.

The market launch of the new 120-ampere-hour battery could produce similar results as in the case of the 94Ah-rechargeable batteries: First, the 120Ah battery is offered as optional and at an additional cost, at a later stage, he will be as standard for the BMW i3 and i3s and the current 94Ah battery completely peel off.

With a view to further increase the range of a BMW i3 with a 120Ah battery, the question is whether there is a future for the i3 REx with an internal combustion engine as a Range Extender on the other side. According to our information, the signs are here on farewell, because the world’s already manageable, demand for the i3 with an extra Motor is expected to shrink by offering a larger battery with more range.

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