BMW iNext: the batteries come from a new CATL factory in Erfurt

The BMW Group pulls the Chinese battery giant CATL with a large order to Germany. In Erfurt will soon be building a new battery factory started in the the companies from China, the Lithium-ion batteries for the BMW iNext build. Around 1.5 billion Euro of the order, for the Munich-based point of view, in the vicinity of the large BMW car plants in Germany. The BMW iNext is starting in 2021 in the Dingolfing plant built.

With the battery manufacturing in Thuringia to BMW uncertainties and delays, bypass, the from the transportation of Parts from Asia. Since the Lithium-ion-batteries are not flown and transported by vessels, there were again and again smaller and larger problems. The complex logistics can therefore easily lead to unintentional delays in the production of electric cars, which in the case of the BMW iNext apparently necessarily to be avoided.

The production of high-performance batteries for the BMW iNext, however, is only a part of the contract, the BMW Group is to CATL has been awarded. Overall, the order has a volume of around 4 billion euros and also includes Lithium-ion batteries for the new MINI E, which from 2019 will be built. The batteries for the new electric small car in the Design of the iconic British brand to be built of CATL as usual in China.

The BMW iNext to celebrate in the second half of 2021 to its market launch, and similar to the previous i-models i3 and i8 sets new standards. This applies not only to the pure electric drive with high range, but also assistance systems and Autonomous Driving. In a first Teaser image was already seen that the BMW is iNext to compete with a language of form that promises a generous amount of space. In the year 2018, it should give a much more concrete view in the Form of Concept Cars.

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