BMW M Drive Tour in 2018: M5 F90 in Zanzibar, Ferrari Red & co.

In the framework of the BMW M Drive Tour in 2018 currently, many European customers will be able to experience the latest models of the M GmbH and see for myself what Performance is currently in Garching. At the event for Bulgarian customers, some of the photos have now emerged that also deserve our attention, because they show us the BMW M5 F90, among others, in the exciting Individual colours Zanzibar Metallic and Ferrari Red.

Zanzibar Metallic is a shiny Bronze-tone, and conveys the exoticism of the island off the East coast of Africa in everyday life and is suitable to harvest a lot of curious and interested glances. Sure is: With a BMW M5 F90 in Zanzibar Metallic is guaranteed to the driver’s attention.

A lot of attention versprocht of course, the powerful Ferrari Red, the performance of the Power-sedan from afar in the offing, and in the configuration shown, with the customisation and Tuning components from BMW M Performance for huge overtaking prestige. The spectacular Drift of the photos from the M Drive Tour in 2018, Ferrari Red is still a further advantage: the one Who drags in the 2WD mode, enormous clouds of smoke behind, stands out with a red BMW M5 F90 particularly well from the wall of fog in the Background.

A rare, yet very exciting color Option from the range of BMW Individual also Birch Green, we get to see the example of a BMW M4 Competition. Birch Green is a bright Green, as the Name already suggests – at the tender Green of birch leaves is reminiscent in comparison to Java Green is very subtle, but, nevertheless, by no means discreet Alternative for Green Fans.

BMW M5 F90 in Zanzibar Metallic:

BMW M5 F90 in Ferrari Red:

BMW M4 F82 in Birch Green:

More photos of the BMW M Drive Tour in 2018 in Bulgaria:

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