BMW M2 Competition: Big step at a high level

The M2 is dead, long the M2 live! The succession to the throne among the fun-sport the most compact of learning is clarified from the research point of view, quickly, because with the new BMW M2 Competition is the successor to the previous fun-Achiever is already determined. While the Competition versions are usually positioned as a particularly sporty on offer above the M-models, and parallel to be offered, the BMW M2 Competition rather the continuation of a success story – and one that makes the parting from the M2 coupe is amazingly light. For the first ride report we were the new BMW M2 Competition on the race track Ascari and on the surrounding country roads in the South of Spain move.

Whether it would succeed in the new BMW M2 Competition, to meet with the sonorous name-related expectations, was a perfectly legitimate question. Although it was clear for some time that the M2 successor, would receive a new engine and thus a performance increase to 410 HP, but all connoisseurs of the previous M2 also knew: For the fascination of this vehicle’s sheer force plays only a subordinate role. Strong vehicles are in the compact class are not uncommon, but rear-wheel drive, balanced weight distribution and such a high-class chassis technology, one looks for elsewhere in vain. In addition, there was a lack of the BMW M2 coupe is certainly not for performance, more of it, so it could be one of several ingredients for the Competition recipe.

Driving report BMW M2 Competition: a Lot more than 410 HP

Nevertheless, it is clear that the new Biturbo in-line six-cylinder S55 is an essential part of the fascination of the BMW M2 Competition. Because when you Update from the previous M2 to the new Competition, the developers are putting the cart before the horse so to speak from the front, and when replacing the motor, the whole front of the car, the compact athlete revised. Just like M3 and M4, the BMW M2 has now a CFRP strut brace, as well as a Dom-bulkhead strut, what is it that makes the front car of the Competition-M2 significantly stiffer and ensures that the chassis technology can develop on the front axle all their brilliance.

The noticeable progress in this regard is particularly surprising because the control of the M2 is actually only lack of rigidity, when it is directly switched from a M3 or M4 – a scenario that the Motor-journalists as well, that has to do with the daily lives of the vast majority of customers, but very little. Who rises now in the BMW M2 Competition, feels the more complete technology Transfer even closer to M3 and M4 than in the past. Also, the engine helps, of course, the sounds in Stand to S55 and with its specific acoustics of the in-line six-cylinder engines in the AG-models takes off.

The already in the expectations that are raised a small question mark hovers, however, because, as you know, the S55 engine in the M3 and M4 provides a minimum of 431 HP. Fortunately, the engine dissipates after the first few turns, all the fears, after which it is throttled somehow, or constricted, could feel. Instead, the S55 develops on Board the BMW M2 Competition a whole new quality, because compared intuitively with the 370-horsepower N55 engine in the current M2 – certainly not a child of sadness, and a maximum at a very high level a reason to complain, but in a direct comparison, but “only” a modified AG-engine.

The BMW M2 Competition to the stage will celebrate, on the the S55 engine in its whole thickness. The virtually lag-free response, fast-paced Ride through the rpm band and the significantly higher speeds of up to 7,600 rpm, bringing to the M2 so much emotion and athleticism that he will ultimately become a high-Flyer. 40 HP more? May be. Much more important is the way how this engine delivers 410 HP and 550 Newton-metres of torque to the rear wheels: Always willing, and always a little higher speeds and in the begging it asks You outright him to the red final of the speed circuit … lens, there is virtually no reason, but who is already dry facts, or the fact that the engine even at a medium speed, extremely powerful pushes to take care of in this car?

In spite of his characteristic Sounds of the S55 on Board of the M2 Competition waived in the case of many compact sports usual acoustic drama – at least, if it refers to the primary volume. At low to medium speeds, the M2 still remains more restrained and quieter than before, only in the last third of the speed bands, the number of plays six-cylinder with full volume. This Sound characteristic is also the mandatory gasoline particulate filter (OPF) of course has its share, but it also fits in to the self-understanding of the compact Celestial from Garching: a Loud roar, others are allowed to, but faster the of all be least.

The Numbers to the pure longitudinal dynamics of the play still a minor role. Anyone who buys a BMW M2 Competition, makes the in the rarest of cases for a traffic light or highway duels. Although the M2 with 4.2 seconds for the Sprint to 100 and the optional 280 km/h is placed in the maximum speed for these disciplines well, but the dull acceleration on straight track is certainly not his best discipline. Much more important is the customer that the BMW M2, thanks to balanced weight distribution, a classic rear-wheel drive, therefore totally of influences of the Drive-exempt steering and again stiffer, the front of the car on curvy surface, a driving dynamics-burns fireworks, which is unique in this class.

It is in this compact sportsman primary emotions and driving pleasure, and also highlights the relatively high share of vehicles with manual transmissions – to abandon in favor of a more direct connection with the vehicle, the numerous hand switch-customers consciously on two-tenths of a second at the traffic light, print and take the worse time of 4.4 seconds to 100 km/h are willing to purchase. The M2 with a seven-speed-DCT sober look at the slightly faster car, is for the followers of the pure driving fun-teaching a barely notable side note.

Much more important to this clientele, the extensive fine-tuning that makes the BMW M2 Competition on the racetrack and in everyday life even faster. In comparison to the previous M2, there are in addition to the new engine and stiffer, the front of the car and also a completely new vote for the actively controlled M differential at the rear axle and an even more advanced DSC and DTC vote. Especially the latter is for many sport riders is important, as it allows for a fun drift angle and supports safe and drive fast to cut without all of the electronic rescue ropes.

A further improvement for the everyday life, the finer adjustability of the driving mode is: Where previously only the conventional driving experience control switch, find now like the big brothers separate buttons for setting the accelerator pedal and steering characteristic. Anyone who wants can now combine, for example, the sharpest throttle response of the engine with a more comfortable steering. Because the M2 not as a Competition on an adaptive chassis, the middle one of the three extra buttons unplugged.

How much the measures for the driving pleasure and driving dynamics increase, not only on the race track Ascari: Also on the Spanish country roads around the circuit, the increased precision in steering, and the higher agility is quite noticeable. Clear, who can build on a good base, can’t really do much wrong. They develop but, once again, noticeably, is a sign of true engineering art. Even if the Motor is not numbers, with its significantly higher speeds and the extra power is always in the forefront trying to push, the chassis progress from our point of view, the actual Sensation on the BMW M2 Competition.

The BMW M2 Competition confirmed at the end of the day, the same three words of wisdom: You don’t need to change everything, what is already very good. But a little something always goes. And if it is possible to improve an already impressive overall package is once again noticeable, you inevitably create something pretty Great.

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