BMW M2 Competition: Laser-Challenge shows precise agility

The BMW M2 Competition is a car, with the broken records. This is not only true for the one or the other of Compact sports car on the race track, but apparently also for something more unusual challenges. In the first part of a series of Challenges, the BMW M2 Competition was equipped with a high-power Laser, the bundled light is generated in a very short time, enough heat to Destroy balloons.

The “armed” BMW M2 Competition to crack in the Video, a man record, and more than 63 air balloons within a Minute destroy. What could, in principle, be a simple Exercise, due to the special design of the playing surface to challenge: The balloons are angeordet in groups in straight lines and part of a giant ///M Logos, which is the driver of the BMW M2 Competition by and avoid.

It is important to position the BMW M2 Competition as soon as possible, exactly along the balloon line. How precise experienced driver can drift with the compact athlete, introduces the concept of the “uncontrolled driving condition” to the point of absurdity and is proof that with the right car, even a seemingly uncontrolled conditions perfectly.

The total package BMW M2 has improved and why the new Biturbo in-line six-cylinder engine S55 with 410 HP, despite its enormous importance, is not the most important step forward that clarifies our driving report: BMW M2 Competition.

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