BMW M2 Competition: photos from Ascari to show Sunset Orange

With the Update of the previous M2 the BMW M2 Competition, the color palette is complemented with exciting options. Sunset Orange is one of the most striking colors and could be for some long-time Fan of the compact M-models of a kind of successor of the Valencia Orange – a few years ago, by a wide margin the most frequently chosen color for the BMW 1-series M coupe. Compared with the Launch-the color of the predecessor of Sunset Orange is much darker and stronger, dominated, depending on the incidence of light, an even greater range of effects.

At the presentation of the new BMW M2 Competition was the focus on the all-new and currently exclusive to the compact athlete, reserved to finish in Hockenheim and silver, and the Pace Car on the race track Ascari shone but in striking Sunset Orange. Black vinyl decal-decals and Carbon components of the BMW M Performance vehicle to values.

In addition to Sunset Orange and Hockenheim silver are also already from the previous BMW M2 coupe color options Long Beach Blue, sapphire black and Alpine white. The previously available dark gray Option mineral gray Metallic not applicable. Individual vehicles such as the BMW M2 in Austin Yellow remain the absolute exception, because the Individual paint finishes for the sporty Compact car is not officially available for order. For all, which is the regular color palette is not enough to stay with plastic film, of course, an Option with almost unlimited possibilities.

Sunset Orange is a boy colour in the BMW range, and, most recently, for the different models of Compact and medium – class available, will soon be the BMW 8er coupe in the striking painting can be ordered. Currently, BMW 1er, 2er, 3er, 4er, X1 and X2, as well as the M2 Competition regularly in Sunset Orange are available.

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