BMW M8 coupe: spy photos show F93 on the highway

The new BMW M8 Coué is more prepared for its market launch in 2019. The sharpest version of the 8 G15 is currently completing test runs on the Nürburgring Nordschleife and other racetracks, but also the everyday life in Germany and show that it dominates long distances with a relaxed pace as well as a few miles on the Limit. Our reader Mike got a BMW M8 prototype on the Autobahn near Munich, and a couple of photos for us, showing us, especially the rear and the side view of the sports coupe.

Clearly visible are the large rims, behind which a powerful braking system is hidden. More clear notes on a BMW M8 the typical M side mirrors and of course the exhaust system with four massive tailpipes. In between the wrapping foil hiding a diffuser, which contributes to the aerodynamic stability of the vehicle. On the trunk hood, a small Spoiler lip reduces lift. Under the wrapping foil at the highest point of the vehicle, the BMW M8 standard Carbon-fibre roof, which will later be also an important feature for the detection of the top of the range model.

Technically, the BMW M8 F93 closely oriented on the current M5 F90 to differentiate but in some points also. We may assume that the M GmbH engages with the M8, at least after a superlative as it would be with the title of the strongest series BMW of all times? This unofficial designation currently, the M5 Competition with 625 HP, the weaker is likely to the M8 in any case.

Since the BMW M8 goes down about eleven inches shorter and 13 cm shallower than the M5 and also a full 16 inches less wheelbase brings, want to give him the developers of the M GmbH, also more agility. Apart from various adaptations to the changed dimensions of the chassis technology is likely to be based closely on the M5. The fully variable all-wheel drive M xDrive will also feature in the BMW M8 F93 about a 2WD-mode and the sports coupe can do so at the push of a button the rear-wheel drive.

Largely unknown is that 2019 is not the first BMW M8 action is: On the Basis of the legendary 8er E31 there was in the 90s, a BMW M8 prototype with a V12 engine, the it however, never in the series has managed. Around 550 HP, according to have been a day time, at the time, but a real Declaration of war. Exactly the the BMW M8 2019 will be in the series and we are excited to see what the car will be able to.

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