BMW X4 M F98: Rendering shows Power-G02 before the market launch in 2019

The plans for the BMW X4 M F98 are not officially confirmed, but according to our information, the market will be launched in the first half of 2019. Of course, there are also numerous spy photos and Videos point out clear evidences of the Work at the next Power-variant of the BMW X4 G02. After we recently, of the driving dynamic qualities of the BMW X4 M40d convince could, we are so stronger on the BMW X4 M 2019 curious.

As the Top model of the G02-family might look like, shows a new Photoshop design of Ascaris design. For Rendering, since a few weeks well-known form of the X4 G02 has been combined with some typical Design elements of the big-M models. The result is a SUV-Coupé, its huge air intakes make for an imposing front fascia. In the case of such a Design would be visually very clear: To breath air for the engine or cooling air for brakes and engine components, there is no shortage of the BMW X4 M F98 definitely.

Under the hood of the BMW X4 M is F98, which is likely to differ during the later Design with a power dome from the series, celebrates the new in-line six-cylinder M powerplant S58 its Premiere. The unit is to follow in the footsteps of the S55, and will also drive several other models from the Garching: Both the technology-twin BMW X3 M F97 as well as the upcoming Generation of the BMW M3 and M4 rely on variants of the S58-engine to surpass the S55 in all the relevant disciplines: response, linear power delivery, peak power and an improved emission behaviour make the in-line six-cylinder at the heart of the Garching-based Performance-middle class.

At least as important as the engine of the BMW X4 M F98 be all-wheel drive, because here we can hope that the next site of BMW M xDrive. The BMW M5 F90-developed Performance all-wheel drive is characterized by extremely short reaction times and a control strategy, the agile driving dynamics and the highest possible cornering speeds pure traction and driving safety. The result should also be on Board the BMW X4 M in 2019, a driving experience that is characterized by a high fun factor and superior traction reserves alike – and the developers of the M GmbH have already been made with the 4WD Sport mode on the M5 F90 impressive proof of that, you can implement the unification of these seeming contradictions in a convincing way.

(Photoshop-Design: Ascaris Design)

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