BMW X5 G05: production at the plant in Spartanburg will begin soon

The renewal of the X-family at the BMW plant in Spartanburg for a lot of fresh Wind. Now there are first photos of the final preparation for the production of the new BMW X5 G05 in South Carolina, because, of course, is also the fourth Generation of the upper-class SUV built in the US. In a way, you can refer to the X5 as the heart of the production at the factory in Spartanburg, because it has been built since 1999 exclusively in the USA and from there exported all over the world.

The BMW X5 is also the “oldest” product of the plant, because between the opening of the plant in 1994 and the X5-Start in September, 1999 in Spartanburg, built in series are ancient history or in other works. In August 2001, less than two years after the start of production, was built in Spartanburg, the 100,000 X5 and was an impressive testimony to the global success. In June 2005, the total number of built X5 grew to 500,000, five years later, one Million BMW X5 was cracked.

In September of 2017, Spartanburg was able to already celebrate the production of a total of four million BMW cars of various series, in the meantime, the counter stands at over 4.4 million vehicles – more than half of them wore the X5 Logo on the rear. The capacity of the plant is to be expanded in the next few years, up to 450,000 units per year, which Spartanburg has long been the most important plants of the BMW Group production network. The prestigious title of the largest plant in the BMW Group in 2017, however, the plant in Dingolfing back, where in these days with the production of the BMW 8er coupe was started.

The series production of the new BMW X5 G05 starts at the end of the summer, in November 2018, the fourth Generation of the upper-class SUV that is celebrating its global market launch. With the BMW X7 (for Pre-ride report) receives the fourth X5 in the spring of 2019 for the first time a big brother, especially on the US market should. Nevertheless, the Munich convinced that the X7 is the other success story of the X5 will not stand in the way, because he has a different target audience.

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