BMW X6 2019: First spy photos show the SUV-coupe G06

Since the Premiere of the new X5, these photos were only a matter of time: The new BMW X6 G06 has been sighted in the vicinity of the plant in Spartanburg. The first Erlkönig-the photos come as often from Palbay , and show the SUV-coupe, in the vicinity of his birthplace: as with the first two generations is also for 2019 planned Generation G06 exclusively in the BMW plant in Spartanburg built.

As the spy photos show, the BMW X6 G06 the recipe for success of its predecessor faithfully. It combines the typical robust elements of the BMW SUV Designs with a coupéartigen roof line that gives it a special elegance. What was ridiculed by the competitors once, has developed in many markets is a long-popular Bestseller, and has now found a variety of imitators. Clearly, a new daytime running light Design are directly connected to each other kidney (Mono-Kidney) and tail lights with curved light beams in the Interior.

Like connoisseurs will see, among other things, exterior mirrors in contrasting color Cerium Grey, the prototypes already have a M Performance version of the new X6. By 2020, there could be two options to choose from: especially for Europe, developed the BMW X6 M50d with 400 horsepower Quad turbo-Diesel and, especially for US customers, launched the BMW X6 M50i with Biturbo-V8. Both models, the X6 M promises to be with at least 600 HP even more Performance in the shadow of the upcoming BMW.

Technical Basis for the new BMW X6 is the first few weeks of the introduction of the BMW X5 G05. The upper-class SUV starts at the end of 2018 with a lot of new technology, uses the high flexible BMW CLAR-architecture and should not be less than the new benchmark of the segment. Thanks to the double wishbone front suspension, Five-link rear suspension, rear y all-wheel drive xDrive with fully variable distribution of power and optional rear-axle steering, the SUV is to drive a coupe in 2019, at least as dynamic as it promises to be the Design.

For a good orientation to the Cockpit of the BMW X6 G06 is also looking into the X5, because the interior of the two precious off-roader is only the Details differ. The X6 also comes with Live Cockpit Professional, including two 12.3-inch display and iDrive 7.0 on the market understands the same as an identical offer of assistance systems. Just to close the inner cities, the Feature is recommended, up to 80 meters the last forward distance traveled on the exact same course to go back – even after several hours of stop-over, for example, in a narrow car Park.

Who is not up to the market launch of the new BMW X6 G06 wait and still a very dynamic SUV Coupé driving, the new BMW X4 M40d G02 (for the article) now is an exciting Alternative.

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