CATL: BMW shares on the battery might be giants from China buy

BMW has an interest in a participation in the CATL? At least have the people of Munich, according to a report by the Manager magazine, the official permission to receive, shares of battery-giant from China, to purchase. CATL is the world’s largest manufacturers of Lithium-ion batteries and plays a key role among the suppliers of electric cars and Plug-in Hybrids. Since vehicles with an electrical powertrain are expected to be in the next few years, more and more the norm, also appears to be a participation in one of the battery suppliers is quite conceivable.

Just a few days ago it was officially announced that the BMW in the next few years for at least four billion euros Lithium-ion batteries for CATL to buy. In the framework of the Mega-contract the Chinese have also promised to come up with a battery factory in the vicinity of Erfurt to build and allow for shorter supply routes to the German plants of the BMW Group. Among other things, in Erfurt, the batteries for the BMW iNext built.

The short distances from the middle of Germany fit into the same picture, that would also speak for a purchase of shares: The BMW Group is trying to get their supply of the increasingly competitive battery cells, secure and step-by-step to a number of risks out of the way. Of a participation in CATL, even if to a limited extent, could hope for in Munich at least a certain amount of favor in the future – because it is not excluded that the demand for power exceeds-performance batteries for electric cars in the foreseeable future, the offer and the prices. Long-term relationships and contracts, and are therefore of great importance.

Possible participation in CATL is via the detour of BMW Brilliance Automotive. The German-Chinese Joint Venture, the BMW is the first non-Chinese car manufacturers, a majority purchase is allowed to and wants to, could be the official buyer of the CATL shares. Reportedly, it is only a participation in the amount of approximately 430 million US dollars, which would correspond to a proportion of less than 2 percent of CATL. Similar investments have already several Chinese car manufacturers, Chinese car manufacturers were prohibited from participation but so far.

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