CATL will receive billion order from BMW, a production for Erfurt?

In a detailed Interview with the Handelsblatt has BMW CEO Harald Krüger, a number of interesting announcements made. The first, most concrete statement relates to the Chinese battery suppliers CATL, seems to be on a contract worth several billion euros may and the BMW Group the battery cells for the BMW iNext will provide. The additional capacity required for the plant is to be built in Europe, where, according to local media, the Region reports around the Thuringian capital of Erfurt high hopes.

In the case of the battery cells is already the fifth Generation of Lithium-ion cells. This has developed the BMW Group, together with CATL, and will bring you with the iNext 2021 on the market. The new cooperation with Samsung does not explicitly mean the end for the existing battery-cooperation with Samsung, but due to the increasing numbers of electric cars and Plug-in hybrids, the BMW Group is the concentration on a single supplier is increasingly difficult.

When negotiating with suppliers at eye level to discuss and realistic prices call, the BMW Group a few months ago with the construction of a 200-million-Euro development centre in Munich started. Even if the company refrains from any currently on an own production of the battery-cells, one would like to remain content always on the Ball and know exactly what solutions for future vehicles in question and how you for use in a BMW to optimize could.

The objectives for the delivery of electric cars and Plug-in hybrids in the next years ambitious. After the BMW Group in 2017, as promised, 100,000 vehicles with an electrical powertrain delivered, is the target for 2018 of 140,000 units. For 2019 Krüger would like to spend a similarly ambitious goal, but the final Commitments of all the required suppliers. For the end of 2020, which appears BMW iX3 announces Krüger significant leaps in the areas of reach and cost advantage, resulting in a clear competitive advantage are derived.

Not quite at the top of the Agenda, the goal of Mercedes is apparently-Benz 2020 behind – at least, Kruger points to the announcement by he wants you to measure not sales: “Crucially, the criteria against which we make the number-one Position. It is easy to sell more cars. That alone is not enough.” In addition to pure sales, profitability, and high investment is important in order to keep the company in the long term on rates.

The full and very interesting Interview with the Chairman of the Board of management of BMW AG, there are directly from the Handelsblatt.

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