China: BMW acquires a majority stake in the Joint Venture with Brilliance

Until recently, the game were the rules in China are clear: More than 50 percent were allowed to the foreign companies in their mandatory required Joint-Ventures with Chinese car manufacturers do not have. Now, thanks in part to pressure from US President Donald Trump – seems to be movement in the thing, because recently, can imagine the Chinese government Joint Ventures, with foreign majority. BMW according to a report by the Manager magazine, the first car builders of this new freedom.

Specifically, the BMW Group has already secured 75 percent of together with Brilliance founded Joint venture BMW Brilliance Automotive (BBA), reports Manager magazine, citing a news site of the Chinese government. It also means that an even higher level of participation will be discussed with more than 75 percent. So far, the Munich-based 50 percent on BBA, the remaining 50 percent to 40.5 percent on Brilliance and 9.5 percent to the city of Shenyang, where the common plants of BMW Brilliance Automotive.

Just a few days ago had a BMW and Brilliance announced that the production capacity in the two plants in Shenyang already in 2019 to about 520,000 units increase. As the first vehicle from the BMW Group the BMW iX3 from 2020 onwards, initially only in China, built, and from there to the Rest of the world exports. The BMW production follows in order to continue to the market: As China is expected to be the largest market for the electric-X3, makes it a production in front of the place perfect sense.

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