Cooperation: Fossil builds up watches and Smartwatches for BMW

The BMW Group has agreed with the Fossil Group on a long-term partnership. No matter whether watch or Smartwatch: Who Logo buys in the next few years, appropriate technology with BMW, will benefit from the long experience of the Fossil Group. The first of the new accessories with a Fossil-technique for BMW-friends will be presented in the year 2019. The new partnership runs until at least 2023, may be renewed with mutual satisfaction but also.

In addition to the new partnership the short message to the Fossil Group, of course, contains another message: The BMW Group will bring in the next year, the first Smartwatch on the market. For all friends of the brand, the smart watch could be used with the BMW-Logo is an interesting Alternative to the Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy Gear, where the possibilities of networking of Smartwatch and Smartphone remain to be seen.

The new Fossil-BMW-watches and BMW Smartwatches will be sold as the current watch on channels such as the BMW Lifestyle Shop and the over 4,000 branches and dealers of the BMW Group. In addition, the new Gadgets will also be in select Fossil Stores.

Unaffected by the partnership on the pictures of this post as shown, and for years the available Apps for the Smartwatches from Apple and Samsung. With the help of the small programs from BMW ConnectedDrive manages the networking of the car and the Smartwatch is already today easily, if the customer is a appropriate watch.

Kosta Kartsotis (CEO of Fossil Group): “BMW is one of the most special brands in the world. We look forward to sharing our Expertise for the designing of watches and Smartwatch capabilities with BMW enthusiasts to share in the world.”

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