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[Display] During pit stops in Motorsport are done within seconds, can develop the short break in the real life of a car driver’s patience. Most of the “lost” time, pay for the fuel, because it is not rare to order, other customers takes on even cigarettes, coffee or even a hot meal – while you could even be back on the road, if you would not have to pay.

The solution for all the Impatient the name of the Shell SmartPay is as simple as it is clever: Paid in the future will not put in the tank Shop, but directly to the pump. Everything, what you need is a Smartphone installed with the Shell App. The App can be linked with just a few clicks with your own PayPal account, and unlocks the Option for faster Pay. What sounds like music of the future, working today to more than 1,500 nationwide, more than 2,000 Shell service stations.

And so it goes: pump control, Shell App to open the “SmartPay” select, enter PIN and “Now Refueling”. By GPS location, the App detects, which is the Shell Station the customer is currently located, and then asks after the pump and the maximum desired Tank amount. A few moments later, the communication between the Smartphone and the dispenser is complete and the filling process can begin. Right after an E-Mail confirming the filling process and the payment of the amount due.

Emre Turanli (marketing Manager of the Shell service station business in Germany, Austria and Switzerland): “We are very proud to say that we have taken a further milestone in our times of digitalization. With the Germany-wide Roll-out of the SmartPay feature within our Shell App, our customers will now come in the entire Federal Republic of Germany in the advantage of convenient and flexible payment and our service offer.”

How Shell SmartPay works in practice, has tested our esteemed colleague Bjoern Habegger in a short Video:

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(Photo Copyright: Shell International Ltd)

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