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[Display] Really nice, a BMW is only then, when everything shines and is not under a layer of Dirt and memories of everyday life is hidden. Therefore, there are over 2,000 Shell stations in Germany will not only fuel and engine oil, but also strong accessories to take care of the car mobile companion. The many of the daily 1.5 million Shell appreciate customers and treat your car much more than the essential basic services in the Form of a filled tank.

For a clean Look after each drive the Shell car washes, bring the car with different programs within a maximum of 10 minutes on the car in front first. Over 1,000 German Shell stations are equipped with a washing facility. For quick interior cleaning are available at any Shell Station to vacuum and eliminate it quickly, crumbs, pebbles, and other odds and ends.

Is also asked, in Detail, a shiny appearance, the Shell’s Car Care products into the game: Special cleaning and care agents are strong Hefer in the regular vehicle-treatment. Whether it’s discs, interior, rims or body cleaning: high-Quality products to ensure fresh, gloss, optimum care and support by the way the value of the vehicle.

Who wants to get an impression of the qualities of the Shell Car Care products and particularly fast, can do it today in a particularly favourable: Up to and including 3. July 2018, every fueled liters of fuel provides for a percentage discount on the car wash the Shell Car Wash car wash – so up to 50 percent of the cost you can save. In addition, there is the Shell Car Wash collective passport, the power of every sixth car wash completely free of charge.

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