Driving report BMW M3 CS: When is the farewell to the threat is

Little more than four years, we sat for the first time at the wheel of a BMW M3 F80. Since then, much time has passed that most cars will lose step-by-step to attractiveness. Clearly, the time is not standing still and the world-a car turns around constantly – revised or completely new competitors make life harder, and the technology on Board is younger, technical progress, and after being beaten. These basic rules apply also, of course, for the M3, but at the wheel of the latest BMW M3 CS you seem to be, at least in some places. Who is allowed to turn on the steering Wheel and one or the other drops of high-octane gasoline in the blood, don’t really want to have not true that the life-cycle of the BMW M3 F80 has virtually reached its end.

But the confrontation with reality knows no mercy: those Who have not appointed a M3 and still provide a new F80 want to ride, you must befriend at least in Europe, with a pre-configured copy of, or a stock vehicle. That must be a disadvantage, shows our short journey on the Spanish country roads with the BMW M3 CS. After all, the best variant of the Generation F80 came to the very end, and can be referred to without any Exaggeration as the crowning of the fifth M3.

Because what is the BMW M3 CS is not, is a bone-dry and in everyday life, but rather humor-less High-Performance variant of the old school, which provides for the completion of a life cycle for good lap times, but ultimately only the age of the vehicle highlights. Instead, it is understood that the developers in Garching, to transfer the generally good manners of the BMW M3 F80 LCI with Competition package in the CS. At any time with the Asphalt and build connected at the wheel of the M3 in the rush to trust, to feel without ever feeling overwhelmed. The adaptive suspension gives a sporty hardness, but for back pain.

Similarly, with the volume on Board: The on 460 HP and 600 Newton meters of reinforced Biturbo in-line six-cylinder is at any time present, and at the latest from 3500 rpm no doubt his constant willingness to pay more, but always on a long grade noise level range. Other shout louder, but this honor, the M GmbH leaves to others. Because the music, the wheel of the BMW M3 CS for mood, primarily cross-dynamic in nature – and at such a high level that the CS must also fear about four years after the market launch of the Ur-F80 to any opponent in its segment.

In comparison to its competitors, almost insolently light of the BMW M3 F80 is a base, it has made the developers of the M3 CS in the truest sense of the word, flavored easily. Also the BMW-typical balanced weight distribution and low center of gravity are among the equally proven as timeless Strengths of the M3 F80. The only with Steering work in charge of front axle has lost since their debut and none of their clarity and conveys in each curve the absolute joy of the spontaneous change of direction. Precision and feedback are sharpened on Board the BMW M3 CS again and show that good technique can still be optimized a little.

With his finish in Matt Frozen Dark Blue, and the eye-catching front splitter, and the great Guerney-Wing made of Carbon, the BMW M3 CS is still more from the series-3 than an ordinary M3, but also remains pleasantly moderate. The very noisy appearance of the M3 CS leaves also in this respect, others – he puts his exclamation point rather with Details for second glance, as with especially large Wings, for example, in the Form of nearly invisible Performance Providers such as the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres.

In the interior, fine Details such as the embossed CS-Logo into the Alcantara-trim, and the perfect in the Hand opposite the Alcantara steering Wheel with 12-o’clock marking on other aspects, such as the bit of quality acting to the climate control panel or the in comparison to new models such as the BMW 8er but somewhat outdated Infotainment System does not see, finally, this car is primarily about comfort or luxury. In the heat of Spain, the presence of air conditioning in spite of more weight is a blessing on the maximum die-hard race tracks Fans want to miss. All the other features and know that a pleasant temperature in the interior increases, in turn, the efficiency and stamina of the driver on the race track.

The BMW M3 F80 has reached the end of its life-cycle, is for the competition only at first glance, a reason for joy. Sure, for the next few months, a very unpleasant rival to disappear from the market. But with the end of production for the current M3 is also a threat: The successor is not far off, the first prototypes are already available for some time on the road. And who are the M GmbH knows, in a question of no illusions: Stricter emission regeneration or not of the upcoming BMW M3 G80 2020 will be exactly where the F80 has ceased. Only even faster.

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