Environmental bonus 2018: BMW remains clearly the most sought-after electric brand

In the recent state environmental bonus in Germany, the BMW Group must feel in its electric mobility strategy. While Munich are on the total market of vehicles sold is only the fifth-largest force, you may refer to the electric cars and Plug-in hybrids as the market leader. As the statistics of the Federal office of Economics and export control in its review of the Application on 30. June 2018 notes, no other brand has similar high approval numbers.

BMW is also volume brands such as Volkswagen or Renault, as well as the micro-car specialist Smart, its models are generally sold at significantly lower prices. Since the beginning of the promotion, a total of 66.029 applications for the environment were provided for in the bonus, 12.555 of this is attributable to BMW. This corresponds to a share of 19 percent. The Premium rivals Audi and Mercedes with 5.753 or 3.182 applications far behind BMW and not even come together on the number of Munich.

The basis of the success of the company’s broad Portfolio of electric cars and Plug-in hybrid from the BMW Group. While all Audi applications were submitted in the absence of Alternatives for an A3 e-tron, BMW electrified vehicles in different vehicle classes to choose from. Starting with the BMW i3 and i3s on 225xe Active Tourer and 330e to Business sedan 530e are various models not only announced and advertised, but actually in the trade. The BMW i3 and the BMW 225xe Active Tourer will come to each of over 5,000 units, and the vast majority of the supported BMW models, but also the 530e iPerformance already achieved a five-digit sale figures in Germany.

To 12.555 Bonus-applications for the core BMW brand in the appropriate way of counting, a further 649 applications for the MINI, because the MINI Cooper S Countryman benefited from the environmental bonus, and with government support can be bought.

In the case of the applications for the Environmental benefit of pure electric play cars such as the BMW i3, the main role, they stand for 38.146 of the 66.029 applications. With 27.866 applications, the Plug-in-Hybrid in second place. This is due to the fact that many of the Plug-in Hybrids such as the BMW X5 xDrive40e, the BMW 740e / Le or the BMW i8 Roadster is simply too expensive, can benefit from the promotion. Fuel cell vehicles with 17 units, a clear minority, here’s the Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell is, for years, the only supported vehicle.

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by : klonr.com